Fiber_iconFIBER INFORMATICS offers many services to your organization.  Kevin Flora founded Fiber Informatics in 2012 and provides the oversight and organization of all business.  From speaking to event management and system design, Fiber has the expertise necessary for an effective result.  Fiber Informatics proves that simple answers can come from complex issues.

Informatics is the collecting, managing, and analyzing of data.  The use of data is more necessary in today’s society than ever before.  Information is constantly being collected for a single purpose.  Understanding how to take multiple data sets and look for new trends and information is what Fiber Informatics specializes in.  Data can come in multiple forms, including interviews and surveys.  No matter the context or content of your organization’s data, Fiber ensures accurate analysis for optimal results.

Aside from system improvement, Kevin is available to speak with your organization concerning multiple aspects.  His educational history has combined years of experience in fields such as psychology, technology, education, and leadership.  Fiber also has a team of individuals ready to provide any event management service your organization needs.  Fiber has ran conferences from 100 to 2,000 participants.  With attention given to organization and accuracy, your organization will be well-pleased with the team of individuals who make your life easier.

Contact Kevin Flora with any questions or inquires.  Fiber Informatics looks forward to serving you and your organization!

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